15 thoughts on “Online Media video reports of JoJo release stage greeting 2017.08.05

      1. ah okay. kinda presumed that but just wanted to make sure.

        PS: saw some “daily result” for Jojo and it ranked 5. so i’m curious how it will do in the official weekly ranking ^^
        please don’t flop we need to see a certain someone in live action 😉

        1. Yeah the takings so far is probably only just better than ichifure. I’ve read many good comments from the manga fans after the movie released…and some of them are asking about a part 2 too, but I think the damage from the pre-release bashing/trolling has already been done. Sigh I just hope it’s enough for them to make a second part. I really want to see more!

          1. heard he MIGHT be in a upcoming fall drama called “Rikuou”. that would be the same time period when they did shot Jojo last year. hhmmmm ??

            still think they should try to get some money from oversea. Tokyo Ghoul already got a dubbed cinema tour announced for next year (i think they will show both sub + dub). so why not Jojo!? ^^

            1. Sou ka. Let’s wait and see ne. I’d like him lead a drama though. He hasn’t had one yet… Yeah I think they should consider screening in more countries too. Subbed would be good. I’m not a fan of dubbed stuff heh.

              1. late january – early february there will be a festival here in various big cities. they mainly show anime movies but also some live action. so i casually suggested Jojo *crosses fingers*. yeah the Jojo Blu-ray might come out around the same time in japan BUT not everyone imports this stuff and they don’t make any money from people watching fansubs. so supporting them this way would still be still great. and i would not mind to watch it on the big screen again =D

                oh TG will be shown dubbed to promote the Blu-ray release i guess. my country literally dubs EVERYTHING. and the BDs always give you the choice if you want to watch the original audio or dub = everyone is happy 😉 reminds me that the Death Note drama will be dubbed too…

              2. Good suggestion ? I agree, JoJo is best experienced in a theatre. That excitement from the battles etc. The music… I’m addicted to those two songs played during the credits lol.

  1. they read/answered my message so they at least “noticed” my suggestion..

    Jojo entered #5 for week 1. i’m scared about the second week 🙁 i mean Tokyo Ghoul had better predictions in comparison to Jojo and it’s already gone from the top 10 after only one week at 5.

    1. The ranking isn’t as important as the takings I guess, TG might rank the same but it’s takings about doubled JJ’s. Then again I’m not even comparing the two. I’m only concerned if it’s enough for them to make a part 2… Hoping more people will watch in the coming week ??

  2. yeah i know. because every week is different depending on the competition and how activ people where going to the cinema in week XY. but the rankings are still valid for a rough assessment.

    i also wonder what Kento will do in the future anyway. besides the drama rumours he didn’t seem to shot anything atm.

    1. Yeah i read a fan saying she couldn’t leave her house cos of the typhoon. She actually planned to watch jojo… un, I wonder too. I’m quite sure there are more to come… just hope it’s some good roles. Let’s wait for announcements 😉

      1. saw another daily ranking. Jojo out of the top 10 already 🙁 it don’t look good at all. esp because Jojo was more expensive to shot than most of his other movies (CG, forgein location/staff).

        that one fall drama posted something about an announcement today. so we might see if Kento is really there or not. but even if he does he’s not a lead.

        1. ah nevermind they already confirmed that he’s in the drama. but didn’t really checked news about it yet ….

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