Ousama no Brunch 2017.12.23 – Rikuoh Cut

Not HD, but this is the entire cut including the ranking of the week’s ratings.

Kento looked really tired ne, he might have been filming domekiss the entire night… cos it’s rare to see him not able to stifle a yawn… But it was great seeing Dai-chan once more in that parka and overalls =D

Before the final episode airs tomorrow night, there’s also a Rikuoh digest at 2pm, and a Rikuoh spin-off drama at 7pm. It’s like a “Rikuoh matsuri (festival)” tomorrow on TBS!

One thought on “Ousama no Brunch 2017.12.23 – Rikuoh Cut

  1. Thanks for posting! I’m literally waiting minutes by minutes to see him yawn. Just tiny yawn, it seems that he’s forcing himself to hide it.. 😀

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