Rikuou’s Tweet on 13 October, 2017

Good morning❗ Right now, we’re all set for 「Hayadoki!」❗
#sanogaku-kun #wadamasato-san #takeuchiryoma-kun Do your best?

Over the past three days on Hayadoki!, Sano Gaku (10 Oct), Takeuchi Ryoma (11 Oct), and Wada Masato (12 Oct) did a “how many steps can you make in 15 seconds” challenge, and 10 steps= 1 second of promotion time for Yamazaki Kento, the anchor of Rikuou team who appears on the show today. Sano Gaku managed 142 steps (14 seconds), Takeuchi Ryoma 91 steps (9 seconds), and Wada Masato an astonishing 146 steps (14 seconds)! Let’s see how Kento made use of the 37s of PR time =D

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