Saiki K. Big Hit Stage Greeting 2017.11.18 – Notes & Video reports

A video report from Oricon:


  • What they liked about each other. Arai said, “From a male sempai’s point of view, he’s really cute. Btw I’m not gay, I totally love girls (lol) but Yamazaki-kun is really cute.” Kento’s reaction to that was “I’m happy.” (lol). As for what Kento liked about Arai, he said that at the filming location, Arai treated him very kindly.
  • What scene did Nendou and Saiki worked the hardest for? Kento said that the first time he was hung up by the wire, the harness was kinda… *signaled the groin area* lol
  • When they gave them the card that Aso-sensei drew for them, Arai was like “Wait a min. Why is there only 1 piece? This is definitely for Yamazaki-kun, right!” lol

Other video reports:

Maidigi #1

I’ll add more videos here when they appear. But this is probably the last of the stage greetings for Saiki K. The movie has been screening in theatres for almost a month, and although it’s unlikely to hit the 1.5 billion mark that would immediately decide a sequel (according to the producer during the stage greeting I attended), it’s been doing way better than what’s expected of a gag movie.

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