Sakurada Dori’s blog post on 20 April, 2017

Good evening everyone ☆

This photo is

Today at night

I went to watch Yamazaki Kento’s stage

『Satomi Hakkenden』

The fight scenes were awesome

And Kento’s lines, the words were brilliant

I think a man who continues to question and attempts to fight against fate is really cool

Although a samurai, he rocked

And Matsushima Shota

My beloved


To me, the role is


written for you

That role is unfair

It was really the best

I watched the show with Kamiki Ryunosuke and Shima-Kun

It’s been a while since I met everyone so I was really glad~

Kento is really aweeesomee…even though he’s so busy, the stage was awesome

As the fight scenes are rather stimulating to me now

I was glad that I watched it

I’ll also be doing action overseas soon

I will focus and do my best

See you (TωT)/~~~

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