Todome no Kiss’ blog post on 14 February, 2018

This post titled “Because one person used to be two” is quite funny so I’m translating more than the usual. Please be warned: contains SPOILERS from Episode 6!

「He’s already dead」

Outarou, finally dies—.
What will happen, what should we do!?

An unprecedented “love suspense”
「Todome no Kiss」!

Well, Outarou, has died right.
It was shocking right.

More than Sixth Sense,
More than when L died,
More than Ippo’s retirement announcement,
More than when you thought it’s water inside a pet bottle that an old grandfather is holding in his walks, but it turned out to be shochu,
It was more shocking than all of these right.

Have you heard of this before!? A drama where the lead guy dies halfway through.
Me too, when I first read the script,
I let out a murmur like 「wait-a–!」.

However, from now onwards, there’s even more to watch for.
Kinda like, if it’s kaisen-don, the uni and chutoro are still there.*
Kinda like, if it’s Pokemon, Wataru and Rival are still there.
Kinda like, if it’s Touch, it’s the time before Kazuya dies.

The best is yet to come!

Well, it’s Valentine’s, as what society calls it.

Well, not that I really care♪ kinda、
Although it’s a day with the remotest connection to me,
I’ve prepared a present for everyone.

The sweet sweet ameblo* limited shot!
Please eat with relish!

– the uni (eel) and chutoro (medium fatty tuna) are considered some of the best parts of a kaisen-don (seafood sashimi rice bowl).
– ameblo is short for ame blog, and ‘ame’ can also mean “candies”.

Seems like my notes here are all to do with food lol. I’m 9 hours behind Japan, but it’s already 14 Feb here as well, so Happy Valentine’s Day! ?

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