「Todome no Kiss」 Blu-ray & DVD box to release on 8.8!

8 August, 2018. Yes, the release date is 8/8~ Eight da yo! ^^

Quite straightforward this time. The DVD-Box and Blu-ray Box has exactly the same content, only that the formats are different — so we only have to choose between DVD or Blu-ray, and of course, which store to buy from. Purchase links are below. [Update 18 May, 2018: Some shops are giving out tokuten “original coaster” along with the boxes. Image & purchase links added below.]

DVD-Box or Blu-ray Box

6 Discs (5 drama discs + 1 bonus features disc)
Runtime: Approx. 494mins for the drama + bonus footage (TBA)
Japanese subtitles for drama only

【Bonus Footage】(Tentative)
・Making <– over 90mins!^^
・「Hasebe’s Room」- cast interviews by Hasebe
・ZIP! collaboration 「Todome no Setsuyaku Jutsu」
・PR spots

【Included Bonus】(Tentative)

Limited quantity bonus “Original Coaster” (9-cm diameter)
(available for pre-order at some stores – image shows front & back of the coaster):

Purchase links:

DVD Box @ Amazon | Amazon (with coaster)CDJapan (with coaster) | HMV
Blu-ray Box @ Amazon | Amazon (with coaster)CDJapan (with coaster)HMV

*Note: For fans overseas, I suggest Amazon as they are giving 24% off (the shipping fee might be even lesser than the 8% tax that fans have to pay if it’s purchased within Japan). Updated 17 Mar: The Blu-ray Box is now listed on Amazon, at 24% off! Time to pre-order =D

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    1. No, they aren’t included… not at the moment at least (they did indicate that the content is “subject to change”, but…) I think it’s unlikely that hulu originals get a dvd or blu-ray release…

  1. Hi again, I’m not sure if my other post was sent because I don’t see it. Anyway I was trying to find an email but could find it so I was wondering if you could email me because I’m not sure if you still need the last two episodes of todome no parallel but I’ve downloaded it and wanted it share it with you. However I would like you to check and approve it first because I don’t want to be reuploading without permission. You see what I did was download the video with subs but removed the subs that were on the video creating a raw version. I wanted to know if it was ok to send it to you and then you can let me know if you can use it or not. If not I’ll keep looking until I find a raw version or whenever you find it yourself and post it. Also thanks for subbing all the other video I really enjoyed this drama.

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