Todome no Kiss’ Instagram post on 11 March, 2018

#finally tonight #last episode #on-air 10.30pm #5 hours to go
On the final day of filming, Yamazaki-san? showed a serious expression blowing the flute that Suda-san gave him as a present?
Song title 「Twinkle twinkle little star」 Yes, his specialty?
Even though nobody taught him, he blew it really well.
Suda-san said 「This guy has really good sense in playing the flute」(only limited to the flute w)
In fact, Suda-san received this flute from Ishizaki Huwie-san, and we heard that when he was discussing the theme song with Yamazaki-san in his house, Yamazaki-san blew it and kinda managed to match it with Suda-san’s guitar playing at that time.
Then, IT happened after that?❗
Suda-san took the flute and wanted to play it, but once he did, he choked.
「Loads of saliva has gotten inside」(lol)?
…Yup! And so, tonight is finally the last episode❗
The last kiss will be between who and who!⁉
Please be sure to watch it in real time‼
#todome no kiss
#yamazaki kento
#suda masaki
#the unique space between them is pleasant
#and that enshrined chair in the middle #isn’t it big?
#harumi fashion #spring attire
#actually he only took off his coat
#not taking off his hat is super cute
#actually every time behind the scenes he’s wearing many layers of clothes inside

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