Todome no Kiss’ Instagram post on 11 March, 2018

#finally tonight #last episode #on-air 10.30pm #2 hours to go
This is bad, when I see such photos, I feel like crying…?
Ou「Delicious! You’re good!」
These are photos… from that lovey dovey scene ? in Episode 9
Well that scene was a heavenly scene☺
But at the end, Saiko sacrifices herself and loses her life to protect Outarou.
No matter how many times Outarou kisses her, Hasebe tells him that 「She’s already dead」.
Because she’s no longer around, it’s the first time he realizes, his true love for Saiko.
In a world without Saiko, what is that sad decision that Outarou makes!?
The last kiss, is between who and who⁉
And everyone, while you’re reading this post,
it’s finally within 2 hours of the last episode?❗
Are you all set for real time❓
For people who haven’t, let’s hurry finish up our dinner, bath, or homework❗
And prepare your cotton handkerchief?‼
「You still have 2 hours! You still can get back in the game!」
Then, the conclusion to the story of Outarou and Saiko❗
Please see it through in real time to the end?✋
#todome no kiss
#yamazaki kento #outarou
#kadowaki mugi #saiko
#the exchange between these two is too lovely
#wanted to see more of it

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