Todome no Kiss’ Instagram post on 8 March, 2018

#final episode  #3 days to go #on-air 10.30pm 11 march
✨Release of secret offshot✨
How is this❗ Good-looking men staring at each other‼
Furthermore it’s the black prince × white prince version?
For everyone already suffering from domekiss loss so early on?
Ou「I wonder if everyone will watch the last episode in real time」
Uji「They’ll definitely watch it. Let’s believe in domekiss fans」
Ou「Yeah, that’s true. There’s no way they won’t watch it right」
was a conversation that we seem to be hearing☺
Which episode do we like the most, of course it’s the last one.
(Actually we like all episodes)
Cry, laugh, cry, and then laugh again,
we think it’ll be an episode where your emotions will be kept real busy?
We wish that everyone will watch it real soon?
For the last episode, let’s get all hyped up and watch it in real time?✌
#todome no kiss
#yamazaki kento
#arata mackenyu
#its ok to come even closer yo
#the closer it is the happier we are
#offshots major release campaign in progress

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