Todome no Kiss’ Instagram post on 9 March, 2018

Translating snippets from the post:

#final episode #2 days to go #on-air 10.30pm 11 march
Shison Jun-san! All-up?
Kazuma Shison Jun-san accomplished his miraculous comeback, congratulations on his 2nd all-up? He’s really a gentlemen and funny (it’s obvious but he’s good-looking?) and a wonderful person, so when he came back, it felt like we were waiting for it! and he gelled into the filming location very comfortably (as usual, it was the best when the two of them ended it with a kuu~~~~?).

The day after tomorrow, Sunday‼
Please be sure to watch in real time✨
Shison-san, thank you for the 3 months❗ Good job‼
#todome no kiss
#yamazaki kento
#shison jun
#osanai kazuma
#if we have to say it in a word
@todomenokiss_ntv .

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