TOKIO Kakeru 2018.07.04

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In this episode, Yamazaki Kento gives his answers to some of the worries girls face regarding their boyfriends or crushes. Due to time constraint, I’ll just translate a few here.

Let’s start with that famous question shown in the preview: if the girl stays over at the boyfriend’s place, should she bring her own pyjamas or borrow from the boyfriend?

Kento’s answer: borrow from the boyfriend

Taiichi: Don’t you want to see her wearing your own clothes?
Kento: Ah, sounds nice. ^^ Seeing her wear an oversized t-shirt.
Taiichi: What kind of clothes would you prepare for her as pyjamas?
Kento: T-shirt, I guess…. One huge T-shirt.
Mabo: What about the bottom! the bottom!?
Kento: Nothing for the bottom.
Taiichi: Then, ask her to take something down from above right? *stands up and demonstrates by raising his arms*

Taiichi: Kento-kun, to what extent would you prepare for her first stayover? Would you prepare her toothbrush?
Kento: I won’t prepare anything.
Nagase: He doesn’t think about it.
Mabo: Then, if she didn’t bring any, would you go and buy it?
Kento: I’ll tell her “I don’t have it”.
Taiichi: Like “go and buy it”?
Kento: Yeah, “go and buy it”.
Taiichi: Wouldn’t she be shocked like, “I have to go buy it”?
Kento: Ah, guess it’s better if I prepare it.

Q: When a girl goes on a date with a guy she likes, and they go to a ramen shop, should she have the extra servings of noodles that she feels like eating? Or should she endure and not order the extra servings? (The girl who asked this said she’s the kind who can eat a lot more than the guy, and usually have about 7 extra servings of noodles!)

Kento’s answer: to have the extra servings

Kento: I kinda want to see… I’d like to know just how much she can eat, but… 7 servings…! Rather than being put off, it’s more like “eh!”. Up till the 5th serving, I’d probably keep looking at her eating.
Nagase: Then during the 6th serving, you’d probably start taking a video of her.

Q: If the girl wears heels, she’d be the same height as the guy. When she goes out on a date with him, should she go ahead and wear heels? Or should she be concerned about the height and wear flats?

Kento’s answer: to go ahead and wear heels

Taiichi: I’ve never gone out with a girl taller than me before.
Mabo: In the first place, if the guy is concerned about the height, he wouldn’t have gone on a date with the girl. So since he’s okay, means he’s not bothered by it. So I think it’s alright to just go ahead and wear heels.

As for what kind of dressing Kento likes his girl to wear when they go on a date, he says it’s something simple, not dressy, and he prefers pants to skirts. They showed a few couples on dates and asked Kento to choose which he kind of dressing prefers.

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