Translating snippets from Todome no Kiss’ blog post on 5 March, 2018

*Warning: Contains spoilers until Ep 9

6 days more to the final episode!

「Todome no Kiss」!

Everyone from the Domekiss club,
how are you getting by?

Have you watched Ep9?

Yes, it’s truly a pity.
Saiko has died.

When I first knew about this,
I thought of saying to the producer,
「Wait a-, why! Saiko alone, Saiko alone must not die!
If Saiko dies, there’s no way to go back! What should we do!
…you’re a devil! Producer, you are a devil…! Somehow I can already see horns on you!
1 horn, 2 horns, 3, 4, 5… You’re full of horns! More horns than the sriptwriter!
Shall I seal you off with my left haaaaand!」

But all of you,
please remember this.

The producer is leading in front,
and we staff love Saiko from the bottom of our hearts.

Just remember that!!

do not miss the last episode!!!

I shall deliver to you all the last supper of DomeKiss.

And so,
we’re releasing a preview in advance, scenes from the final episode!

What does Outarou seeks in a world without Saiko?
It’s too painful…

Then! Domekiss “biggest mystery”=Harumi, where will he bring the story to…?

As this is the appetizer,
please be careful not to fill your stomachs to the brim.

6 more days to the final episode!
Please make sure your hearts are well-prepared!!

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