Wada Masanari’s blog post titled 「Wadango」

From Wada Masanari’s official blog post on 2 April, 2017:

Today I went for a location shoot.

A location that brought back memories from a year ago.

The first location for Monday Red.

I was able to enjoy a different atmosphere once again.

There’s a break tomorrow and it’ll be broadcast on the 10th, so please watch.

I wonder when it will be short-sleeves season.

After that, I was hanging around with Kento Yamazaki. [note: he used the word ‘burabura’ ブラブラ which means idling around aimlessly; at first I thought he wrote ‘raburabu’ ラブラブ which meaans ‘lovey-dovey’ lol]

We were just hanging around.

I also found the specs that I wanted.

Today alone, he called my name 75 times.

Seems like he wanted to call my name just for fun.

Furthermore, by adding and dividing “Wada” and “Kobungo” [note: Wada’s role in Satomi Hakkenden], he calls me “Wadango”.

“A sweet candy, huh!” was what I retorted,

but (my retort) was beautifully ignored, so I chided him.

There are rehearsals tomorrow too.

Rigorously piling up.

From tomorrow, I’ll also do my best, to be happy my way, with a smile!!

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