Yamazaki Kento in Series of Tokyo Metro CMs 「Tokyo Next Story」#00~#03

Yamazaki Kento appears in a series of Corporate CMs for Tokyo Metro, the major rapid transit system in Tokyo, Japan. The ‘Tokyo Next Story’ CM series consists of 4 stories where Yamazaki interviews people involved in the previous and upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

  • #00 – Yamazaki Kento sits in the train imagining Tokyo in the year 2020 where the Olympics will take place.
  • #01 – Yamazaki Kento speaks to Sato Yoshihiro who used to be a driver for the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line back in 1964 when the Olympics was last held in Tokyo.
  • #02 – Yamazaki Kento speaks to Tanida Kinuko, a member of the Japanese volleyball team that won the gold medal at the 1964 Olympics.
  • #03 – Yamazaki Kento speaks to Doan Ritsu, a member of the Japanese soccer team that will take part in the 2020 Olympics.

The CMs go on air starting today on television, on displays within Tokyo Metro subway stations, on board Tokyo Metro trains, on YouTube etc.

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