Yamazaki Kento shoots with Galaxy!! #2: “Kiritanpo” version

The second video in the series is released today!

After walking the suspension bridge, Kento says he did some research and asks if they wanna eat kiritanpo, a specialty dish from Akita Prefecture. The staff said they’ll search for a good kiritanpo place, but when Kento got there, he was surprised that he had to make the kiritanpo from scratch. “I thought it was ready to eat”. “This isn’t what I was told” HAHA.

The ladies kyaaaing when they saw him was… like how we’d react ne. Lol the lucky obasan gets to wear the apron for him too. Kawaii~ And so, they taught him how to mash and knead the rice onto the stick. Seeing him cut the vegetables reminds me of Kanata… Then he looked so happy when he was finally able to dig in.

The way he eats is too adorable ? mogu mogu…

2 thoughts on “Yamazaki Kento shoots with Galaxy!! #2: “Kiritanpo” version

    1. i think this is a series of commercials where kento goes around places in akita and takes pics using the galaxy. even the ‘confession ver.’ with marie-chan was filmed in akita. not sure how many videos there will be in this series, but i’m hoping it doesn’t stop here <3

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