JOJO x Shibuya 2017.08.01

It’s a rainy day today so the pics might look a little gloomy. But I made it down to the JoJo popup store at Shibuya 109 (and left 10,000yen poorer… lol) There is a huge campaign poster on the side of the building. Pic from across the road and a closer up.

And one side of the wall at the entrance was dressed up with my favourite JoJo visual poster. A foreign fan was taking picture with Josuke (touching his face lol~ It was quite funny).

The store is on the 8th floor, and will be opened until 8 August.

On the left side was the costumes display:

And these are some of the goods for sale at the store, at a glance:

More pics of the shop:

Closeup of some of the goods:

Hmm here’s my loot (sorry for the bad quality photos). I got the slippers, notebook, the iphone case and the smartphone ring =D


Just opposite the popup store is WEGO. A pity the designs and sizes I wanted were already out of stock. So were the monthly guides (both versions). Zannen…

Near the elevator, I found the Bizarre standee. Not sharing this pic here cos the lighting there wasn’t very good.

At Tower Records nearby, there was a JoJo section on the 3F with better lighting so I’m sharing this version instead lol.

That’s about it for JoJo x Shibuya. I’ll do a Ichifure x Shibuya later but before I end this post, this was what I found at loft:

“Let’s challenge the regent hairstyle” =D

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