MJ’s first butai aisatsu together

We arrived in Japan the day before the opening of Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji.

That night, we saw Kento on TV walking about in London. He was on “Another Sky”.  He was really adorable on this program – he spoke English, he played soccer and he mentioned his buddy Suda Masaki.

Following morning. 28 May, 2016.

We were surprisingly on time.

Each of us were given a free postcard upon entering. This was the first out of a series of four.

Our hearts were beating really fast when we realized how close we were to the stage. This was the very first screening of the movie on the opening day at 9am, but we were kept wide awake by Kuro-ouji’s suaveness. We were on the 5th row so we were tooooo close to the screen. But who’s complaining when you can see his face up close.

Imagine this ⤵ blown up 907 times!

After the movie ended, the lights came on, and people from the media started to take up the first two rows of the theatre with their camera stands and stuff.

We waited patiently for the MC to kick off the aisatsu.

Meanwhile, M & J were discussing Kento’s hairstyle (can’t remember how we got to this topic, but on hindsight I think it was because of “Another Sky” the night before). We were saying how everyone likes him with his fringe down (like in Suikyuu Yankees), but it was also refreshing to see him with his fringe up, that he sometimes look cute that way.

Just at that moment, the MC announced that the cast would be coming on stage… and when Kento walked in – with his fringe UP – we both looked at each other and kyaaed lol.

It’s always fun to attend his aisatsus cos Kento’s tennen-ness always shows during all these stage greetings. We laughed at almost every line he said… For e.g. he might be answering some question, and halfway through the sentence when everyone’s expecting him to say something, he’d go “……….hai.” and that’s it lol.

Here’s a video report by Oricon. I’ll roughly translate the beginning part:

On having to slap Kento twice during the filming of the movie.

Nanao: I’m sorry.
Kento: It’s okay, it hurt-felt good…yes.
MC: Hurt-felt good?
Kento: Yes, it hurt and felt good. Well, it’s the first time I got slapped (in my acting career). I’m glad that the first time was from Nanao-san. I think Nanao-san’s slap is precious.
MC: Yamazaki-san, aren’t you a do-M Prince? [note: do-M = super masochist. In the movie, he plays a do-S (super sadist) Prince.]
Kento: No. I’m do-N. N for Normal.

And so, he insisted that he’s “super normal” ne.

After the aisatsu ended, we made our way back to the lobby to get some chirashis, and for goods shopping. Glad to find Tao-chan’s movie beside Ookami’s. But there were too many people walking to and fro so I didn’t really manage to get a clear shot.

As for the goods, although this was just after the first show on the opening day, the clear files set and hand towel were already sold out here.

Just outside the goods shop was the standee.

This standee was also displayed in many of the locations we visited throughout the trip. After this, M & J went to the Ookami cafe @ Sweets Paradise, and M attended the final aisatsu of the day alone later that evening. We shall write about those in separate posts. Till then!

4 thoughts on “MJ’s first butai aisatsu together

  1. So this fan gathering where the casts attend is called aisatsu? Is this the road show or something? Omgg. How do you get tickets? I wanna experience this too. Huhu. Wanna see Kento in person ㅠㅠ And thank you for the blog ?

    1. “Butai aisatsu” literally means “stage greeting”. And this was on the opening day of the movie, so this is what we usually call “opening day stage greeting”. The audience will watch from the seats as the cast come on stage to ‘greet the audience’. Usually the cast will answer questions from the MC and talk about the film etc, as seen in the video clip.

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