[Scans] BunBun TV June 2018

There is an interview of Kento found in the June issue program guide of bunbun terebi.

Translating briefly:

Kento felt that there are similarities between the job of a piano tuner and an actor. There is no “right or wrong” in the job, there are sempais telling you to do it “steadily and diligently” and some telling you to do it “shamelessly”. Suzuki Ryohei took him out for drinks, and when Kento consulted him about his worries with regards to acting, Ryohei encouraged him, “There are times when I feel uneasy too, but Kento, you’ll be fine.”

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  1. What a very nice senpai Suzuki Ryouhei (one of my fave actors) . Thanks for the translation.

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