[Scans] Weekly Shounen JUMP #46

13 Kentos / 14 Kusuos on the cover of the Shuukan Shounen JUMP No. 46 that was released on 16 October, 2017. Here are the Saiki K. related scans (excluding the manga itself).


Inner pages:

Kokomi x Kusuo get a colour 2-spread, so does live-action Nendou. The last page is Kento’s interview, and the two pages before that is Aso Shuichi x Fukuda Yuichi. But I like that page featuring the characters that didn’t appear in the movie. My favourite is Yumehara’s!

Question: Please tell us how you are feeling now that it’s just before the release of the live-action movie.
Yumehara Chiyo: I was shocked. I went “Ehh!? What about me!?” (lol) To be honest, It’s vexing… I actually appeared earlier than Kokomi in the manga…

LOL but even though they were ‘depressed’, they still helped to ‘promote’ the movie ne.

“The movie that we aren’t appearing in, Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan, will open this week, on 21 October.”

Saiki Kusuo has lovely classmates =D

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