Shuukan The Television PLUS 29 Dec’17 issue

?Merry Christmas! ?

The last episode of Rikuoh ended over an hour ago. I’ll definitely miss Dai-chan, but thank god there’s Outarou. Less than 2 weeks to Episode 1 of “Todome no Kiss” yo!

Kento was on the cover of this issue, and on the interview page, he talked about how he was offered the role by Suzuki Akino who produced Death Note back in 2015. He also said that this is his third time acting with Mugi-chan, that she’s like an older sister whom he can depend on. So indeed, he felt embarassed about their kiss scene =D

And that pie chart thing was interesting. It shows Kento’s “ideal one day”. If he isn’t feeling tired on his day off, he’d like to wake up early, go sky diving, then BBQ, then stay over at a ryokan, go dip in the onsen before hitting the sack early!

6am: wake up
=> breakfast
=> travel to sky diving location
9am: enjoy sky diving
=> travel to barbeque location
11am: enjoy barbeque
4pm: travel to hot spring ryokan
5pm: hot spring bath (1st time)
6pm: dinner
8pm: hot spring bath (2nd time)
10pm: go to bed

I’d like to do the same, minus the sky diving LOL

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