[Scans & Trans] JUNON March 2018

Quick translation of some of the Q&A =)

Q: You are a toshi-otoko (born in the year of the dog) this year (which is the year of the dog), so what kind of dog do you like?
A: Mame shiba! I had one as a pet before, but it died. If I have the chance to have one as pet, I’d want a mame shiba.

Q: It’s your first time as lead actor in a drama series. What are your feelings now?
A: It’s an original script, has a fresh story, and is a role that’s very different from all the roles I’ve acted before. Also, there are many co-stars whom I’ve acted with before, so it’s really fun at the filming location. I’ve never had a lead role in a drama series before, so I’d like to do my best in whatever I can, without having to worry about ratings and such.

Q: Recently it’s been really cold. Are you good with cold?
A: No, I’m not. My way of dealing with the cold is… endurance (lol). Also, I’ll paste on many kairo (heat packs) and try to keep my neck as warm as possible.

Q: In the show, you go back 7 days in time. In reality, if you are able to go back in time, which period would you like to return to?
A: That’s right… probably when I was a baby (lol). Sorry, I’m just joking. But what’s interesting about this story, is that I go back with the same awareness and knowledge, so… I’d like to go back to my elementary school days, and be told that I’m a genius (lol). If I return to my elementary school self with my current brains and experience, I guess being the no. 1 in studies and sports won’t just be a dream (lol).

Q: The title is “Todome no Kiss”, but what is your “Todome” (weak point), Yamazaki-san?
A: Todome, huh. I guess it’s bugs. I don’t like mosquitoes. It’s not a matter of size. Though I did things like catch bugs when I was young. But when I was in middle school, I suddenly started to dislike them.

Q: Yamazaki-san, if you were kissed suddenly, what will you do?
A: I’d say “Eh? What’s wrong?” and “Eh? What what what” (lol)

Q: “What I want isn’t love. I want tangible things, money and power.” This is what Outarou is like. How about you, Yamazaki-san? What is it that you want right now?
A: Love.

Q: Time leap = movement between time. So, what is the time of the day that you like?
A: Mornings and evenings. I like that fresh feeling of the morning when I wake up really early sometimes. As for evenings, I liked it when I was a student, as it meant the end of school and the end of a day.

Q: I’m curious about what happened 12 years ago, what will happen to the time leaps, and about the kissing woman. So, please tell me how the story will develop.
A: How the story will develop? I don’t know it myself (lol).

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