(Eng Sub) Todome no Kiss ep 05

MF (617MB, 46mins 24s)

kc, otsukaresama deshita! Both of us got fired up after watching ep9, so we’ll be trying our best to catch up on the rest of episodes haha~ Ganbarimasu! p(> <)q

3 thoughts on “(Eng Sub) Todome no Kiss ep 05

  1. I just want to drop by and say a huge thank you for all your work in keeping the site updated and for subbing all of Kento’s goodness. Otsukaresama desu! ^_^

  2. Thank you very much for ep5. I know it`s not easy to sub a series that`s why I salute all who share their hard work for our happiness. Kokoro kara arigatou gozaimasu.
    ah can`t wait to watch til the end but owaritakunai ne….

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