(Eng Sub) Rikuoh ep 05

MF (943mb, 1hr 13mins 40s)

This is yet another long episode, and an important one for Daichi. So coincidentally, this episode also shows the first day of 2018. Happy New Year once again! =D Sorry I couldn’t get this up faster. Wish I’ve more time to work on subs, but it’s back to work again for me tomorrow *bleh* A one day break is too short ne~

26 thoughts on “(Eng Sub) Rikuoh ep 05

  1. Thanks so much, expected to wait till next week at least; very happy this came up when I am with my Japanese family on new years. ありがとうございます!

  2. This dorama gets better and better – can´t wait to watch EP 05 (hopefully tomorrow). Thank you for all your work – and all the best wishes for 2018.

      1. I´ve read in the previous entry about a “new project”…are you eventually planning to sub “Todome no kiss”? If that´s true that would make me incredibly happy ^-^.

        1. Ah no, I was referring to Kento’s new projects:) I’ve no plans to sub domekiss at the moment cos I don’t think I can handle two projects at once 🙂

          1. No, of course two projects would be too much. I thought more in the line of when Rikouh is finished and no other subber has picked Todome no kiss ^-^-

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