Academy Night G 2017.07.18

Before I move on to the latest episode, this was from last week’s Academy Night G (18 July), and a quick translation of what was mentioned in the clip. When they were introducing JoJo on the program, Kakei Miwako was asked by host Watanabe Naomi if she has acted with Kento before. She said yes, twice. [Note: Suikyuu Yankees and Mare].

She felt that Kento is someone who’s really loved by everybody, and that it’s fine even if anyone like the staff bullies him or teases him. Like if the staff says something like “Kento, what’s wrong with you?”, he’d be fine with it lol. [Note: like how that Sukikoto staff told him he’s dasai (uncool/lame) when he did an NG… or when the Kimiuso staff ‘scolded’ him for making noise during the sound recording lol… He’s really such an angel ♡]

Now onto the JoJo HD cut courtesy of day93 ^^

Comedian duo Kaminari interviews Yamazaki Kento.

Ishida: By the way, before we talk about the movie, there’s that… My wife likes you a lot. (lol) I got to watch the completed movie, and I’m a really huge fan of JoJo… Can I say my thoughts on it? It was great! (hugs Kento) It was really awesome.

About preparing for the role.

Takeuchi: He looks so gentle in person right? But this face here (in the poster), (to Kento) I think you did very well.

Kento: I really like Josuke after all. He’s manly and there are many aspects of him that I respect. He thinks alot inside him, about his own ideals etc. I think he’s cool.

Ishida likes the way Kento bowed, that angle. It’s one of the famous scenes from the manga. Kento said that when he read the manga, that scene left a huge impression on him. Regarding the way Josuke can switch suddenly from being gentle to showing such unsuppressable anger… Kento felt that the angle in which he turned his head back was rather important, and how much he should move his face. So he practiced many times in front of the mirror.

Kento also prepared for the role by training his muscles. He wanted to try to get as close to the role as possible. He started about 6 months before the filming, and his weight increased by about 10kg. [It was so obvious when Kanata in Sukikoto suddenly looked buff. That was just 3 months before the filming of JoJo started.]

The bizarre rumour about Kento —

That he doesn’t get angry no matter what you do to him. Kento said he basically doesn’t really get angry. [Note: Sakurada Dori thinks otherwise.] For e.g. if Kaminari goes up to him and spit at his shoes or something, would he get angry? Kento: “On the contrary, I’d think… these people are dangerous~” (lol)

About Crazy Diamond.

Kento talked about how he filmed the scene with an imaginery Crazy D and Kaminari re-enacted the scene etc.

Ishida: “I think I’ve a Stand too, cos no matter how much I hit his (Takeuchi’s) head, there’s no wound there.”
Kento: “Actually you smashed his head but healed it immediately.”

About Stands and the characters Kento likes from the 4th arc.

“They didn’t appear in the movie this time, but… Shigechi’s Harvest… there are many many little Harvest guys who can retrieve objects… With Harvest, the moment I drop stuff, they’d be able to retrieve it for me.” “It’s a handy Stand to have ne.”

He also likes Trussardi’s cooking Stand which can heal whatever’s wrong with your body, yet tastes good. Also, “There’s an alien character in the story too. Mikitaka… he’s the type that can change part of his body into any object.” Takeuchi: “You’d want such an ability ne?” LOL. He really loves his JoJo ne.


1.5months of filming in Spain. “The cast were all really nice people. We often go for meals together.” Takayuki-san and Iseya-san brought him to many places and they talked about acting and JoJo together. Cast that are of his age are Kamiki and Mackenyu. He goes to the gym with Mackenyu. As for Kamiki Ryuu, there’s a flight of stairs on the way to the church or something… and the waves would hit high up. Kamiki took a photo of Kento there, just as the waves were at its highest.

He got really drenched after this photo was taken 😀

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