‘Alice in Borderland’ World Premiere Event 7 Dec 2020

The world premiere event of Alice in Borderland was held in Shibuya Miyashita Park today, and most of the main cast and director Sato attended the event. Morinaga-kun who plays Chota wasn’t able to attend due to other work commitments. The event was streamed live on Netflix Japan’s Twitter and YouTube. If you missed it, you can still watch it here:

Just a few notes:

  • Both Kento and Tao were wearing Giorgio Armani.
  • Kento calls Sato Shinsuke “Director Shinsuke” (not “Director Sato”).
  • As you probably already know, the Shibuya scenes were filmed in a huge open set in Tochigi, not in the real Shibuya.
  • Machida Keita said that even after watching the finished work, he doesn’t know which part of the scene is the set and which part is CG lol. He also said that the most memorable of the filming was when he carried Kento on his shoulders, fooling around in the middle of “Shibuya”. He will probably never be able to do that again in his life.
  • There are various “character types” in the series (intelligent, physical, balanced, psychological). Kento and Tao both feel that they are the “physical” type irl. But Kento feels that the balanced (team player) type is nice too. “I’ll die without my friends” lol
  • Kento and Tao were asked to press the button at the same time to light up the christmas tree on their left. Fans in Japan have the chance to view this christmas tree at Miyashita Park in Shibuya from tomorrow until 25 Dec.

Some photos from various online media:

Earlier today, there were two short cast teasers released on Netflix JP’s YouTube.

All 8 episodes of Alice in Borderland streams on Netflix this Thursday. Can’t wait~!

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