Tsuchiya Tao’s Instagram post on 7 Dec, 2020

Note: I only translated snippets from Tao-chan’s IG post. [. . .] parts aren’t translated… 

Finally today, 7 December!!!
「 #Alice in Borderland 」World Premiere Event
will take place from 6pm onwards♥♠️?♣✨✨✨
It will be streamed live on
#Netflix official Twitter and
also on #Netflix official YouTube,
so please please please please please (watch)!!!!!
[. . .]
Furthermore, seems like #Shibuya station has also
been colored with 「Alice in Borderland」…
Hmm? What’s going on???
[. . .]
And today is a very important day for another reason.!!!
It’s the birthday of #Sakurada Dori-kun ?✨✨
who plays #Niragi in our 3rd time acting together
after the movie『Jinro Game Beast side』
the movie『orange-オレンジ-』
✨✨?Really really happy birthday?✨✨
[. . .]
This photo was taken on the day of media interviews ??✨
With #Yamazaki Kento-kun who plays #Arisu, it’s been a super long time
since the three of us took a photo together ?
I was told I could upload to IG anytime,
so I’m taking the opportunity to post it today ☺️
[. . .]

Check out these tweets for AIB ads at Shibuya station that Tao-chan’s talking about.

And, Happy Birthday, Sakurada Dori! ✨✨✨

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