Arai Atsushi’s Tweet on 19 March, 2017

We have rehearsals for 『Satomi Hakkenden』today too.
On second thought, this is the first time I’m acting so closely with Kento Zakiyama.
We met 5, 6 years ago
We were doing Real Onigokko lol
He hasn’t changed a bit, still the same old nice guy. lol

Yamazaki Kento was the lead for Real Onigokko 3, while Arai Atsushi was the lead for Real Onigokko 4. They were together in the Making as well as the opening day event, as the Real Onigokko 3, 4 & 5 movies were released as a trilogy. They never really acted face to face (although Arai had a few scenes in Real Onigokko 3) so Satomi Hakkenden would be the first time.

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