Fukuda Yuichi tweets about wanting a 「Kento VS Kento」 final scene

Well, I really wanted a 「Kento VS Kento」 at the end ? The Yamazaki Kento that finally appeared had a huge aura as expected ? I’m really grateful he came all the way to Ashikaga Nishi High, the stage for Saiki Kusuo ‼️ And, Tsutsumi-san who smoked a umaibo ? It’s hard to find an uncle like you who can smoke umaibo so stylishly ? #KyoukaraOrewa


  • The school used for filming Kyou kara Ore wa!! was the same as the one used for filming Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan =D
  • Umaibo literally means “delicious stick”. It’s a famous low-cost snack in Japan shaped like a cylinder. Tsutsumi-san was “smoking” a umaibo (like a cigar) in his cameo appearance as the yakuza boss.

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