Galaxy TVCM “Surpass yesterday” #5 Eternal Love

Galaxy Mobile Japan released this web-exclusive long version, 3min 20s! This time Wataru ends up in the Heian period and meets a lady who looks exactly like Yui. A beautiful love story and very nice expressions from Kento here.

And here’s the 30s version TVCM:

Once again, I went overboard with the screencaps 😀

8 thoughts on “Galaxy TVCM “Surpass yesterday” #5 Eternal Love

    1. suda masaki? hahaha~~~ jokes aside, i guess it’s kawaguchi haruna. but the one i’d most like him to act with now (as a love interest) is komatsu nana. what about you?

      1. Kawaguchi Haruna too because they get along so well and I like to see them again together but I think Komatsu Nana will also make a good pair with him.

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