Speedwagon guy meets Crazy Diamond guy lol

Ozawa Kazuhiro, half of comedian duo Speed Wagon, shared a photo of himself with Kento today on his Instagram and Twitter. Apparently Ozawa is a huge JoJo fan, and his combi is named after that particular foundation in the JoJo series. That aside, Ozawa also acted with Kento before in the drama SP Eien no Bokura Sea Side Blue.

On Instagram:

Ozawa’s Bizarre Adventure

On Twitter:

I found the Crazy Diamond guy

Kento’s fashion sense ?

5 thoughts on “Speedwagon guy meets Crazy Diamond guy lol

  1. Can`t help but to stare at him “motto motto longer…” ikemen, soshite kawaii kao o motteru.

      1. Yeah, cute, I hope it`s not Suda`s shirt hahaha just kidding. and…. I am used to his no socks thing lol.

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