Happy 23rd birthday, Yamazaki Kento!

It’s 7 September, 2017 in Japan. And our dear Kenken turns 23 today!!!


Last year this day, I visited Enoshima and chanced upon the Sukikoto filming at Sea Candle. I’ll never forget that moment when Kento (in his Kanata chef uniform and apron) suddenly appeared 2-3 metres away from me… I don’t think I wrote much about it here before, but… He was walking down the stairs towards the gents, and I happened to be heading to the ladies lol. I literally froze on the spot, and by the time I realised what had happened, he was already out of sight hahaha. あの日の奇跡、きっと忘れない!

Today, I’m far away from Japan so will definitely not be seeing him in the flesh, but I will be posting quite a lot on this site, to celebrate! Not sure if he has Rikuou filming today or not, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be meeting up with some of his close friends. Let’s wait for updates from *ahem* a certain fanboy ne~ and hopefully Kento will also update his IG!

Minasan, thanks for your support all this while. It’s been almost a year since the site was started. Kore kara mo yoroshiku ne! Have a great 9/7, and let the birthday bash begin! ?

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  1. can’t thank enough butt thank you so so much! let’s pray this day will be the best day for kento! and let us celebrate this day too~ 大好き??

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