[Translation] [Part 1] Suda Masaki’s All Night Nippon 2017.08.21 – Guest: Yamazaki Kento

Yamazaki Kento was guest on Suda Masaki’s radio show called “Suda Masaki’s All Night Nippon (ANN)” on 21 Aug 25:00~27:00, which is actually 1~3am of 22 August. This is a live broadcast.

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*Please download and listen together with the translations as the timings are aligned to that. 

This is really long, so I’m gonna split it into two parts. And I might skip some parts too. After translating for some time, I find that I was starting to listen to what I only want to listen so… please pardon me if there are any mistakes.


Suda: (Our guest for today is) This person…Yamazaki Kento. [JOJO BGM] Everyone, JoJo is coming yo. Finally JoJo is coming yo. Yamazaki Kento will be here. Suda Masaki, who does too many live-actions, and Yamazaki Kento, who keeps doing live-actions, are finally meeting. Well well well, I’m not boasting ne, but Yamazaki Kento is a superstar, you know. But, he’s my close friend. Everyone, I’ll say it again. He’s my close friend haha. Kento Yamazaki will be here you know. When I say “Kento Yamazaki is my close friend” in my hometown, I’m a superstar too. He’s my buddy, as well as my rival. Kento and I will bring the house down today.

Suda: Today, since it’s a rare chance that Yamazaki Kento will be on the show, please send over your questions to Yamazaki Kento, or your comments and thoughts on the show. Whatever questions you might have. Last week, or the last last week, I talked about this. That when Kento was called out to on the streets by fans, he told them to “please watch JoJo!”, he’s such a straightforward person that would say such a direct thing. I think he’d answer any questions today in such a direct way too. Will it be OK today??? Will it be OK…? But ne, it’s not everyday you get to hear such a Yamazaki Kento who can talk so freely, so everyone, there are probably stuff that can only be heard today, so let’s send over your questions. To suda@allnightnippon.com…….. Well then, please stay with me for the next 2 hours, until 3am.

Suda: Mail from listener jankejan. Suda-san, to conclude, I don’t really care about all the delusional talk and announcements… The one and only lighthouse who lights up our dark lives, Yamazaki Kento-san. Please hurry call him on the show. Even if it’s a second earlier, and even if it’s a second longer.

Kento’s appearance on the show.

Suda: Mail from listener chiyorizumu. “Haa~ Haa~~ Haa~~ Kento-kun~~ Kento-kun~~~ Hurry give me Kento-kun! Hurry and give me Kento-kun yo!” She’s like in heat! Everyone is demanding for Kento ne, so let’s introduce our guest! This is Yamazaki Kento!
Kento: Ahh~~ ahhh~~ [Since when Kenken become so eroi~~~ hahaha making such sounds in the middle of the night!] Sorry to keep you waiting. This is everyone’s lighthouse, Yamazaki Kento. I’m in your care today.
Suda: *LOL* will you be alright? Erm, what did your manager say to you today?
Kento: Before I came here, “I trust you” *LOL*
Suda: *LOL* but the very first thing you said… will you be alright?
Kento: Yeah. It’s words only, so I should be fine.
Suda: I see, I see. This is Yamazaki Kento-san. Thank you for coming.
Kento: Thanks for having me.
Suda: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

First time they met.

Suda: When was the first time we met?
Kento: (When I was) 16.
Suda: When Kento was 16?
Kento: Yes, 16. During the movie “Kirin no Tsubasa”.
Suda: Oh yes. How did we (start to) hang out? From my memory, it’s like after that everyone played baseball… Who was that– Some actors came together for baseball, and Kento was there too. And Kento was wearing something like a New Era cap, short sleeves, short pants, and Hello Kitty sandals, and you came and asked me “Suda-san, what kind of clothes should I wear?” *LOL*
Kento: That’s right.
Suda: Because of this, we met and I thought this is such a cute guy. That’s what I remember. I was like, for now, you are stylish and good looking, so something simple will do….

‘Leeching’ Suda’s clothes.

Kento: My clothes were way too uncool, while Suda-kun was super fashionable. If I don’t remember wrongly, I was wearing a Hello Kitty New Era cap!
Suda: Oh, it was Hello Kitty huh. A Hello Kitty New Era cap? Where do they sell that???
Kento: Maybe… Harajuku?
Suda: You bought it from Harajuku?
Kento: I bought it from Harajuku
Suda: I see, I see.
Kento: Then I thought, Suda-kun is so fashionable. And I thought, why am I the only one wearing a Hello Kitty cap…….

Kento: When I went to Suda-kun’s house, I kept receiving clothes from him.
Suda: Well, that’s a little misleading. It should be “stealing” clothes.
Kento: HAHA. That’s right. I stole.
Suda: This is one of Yamazaki Kento’s “legendary stories” that I remember. He came to my house and took off all his clothes in my house, and went home wearing my clothes.
Kento: That’s right.
Suda: But the other day, actually only a few days ago, Yamazaki Kento-kun came to my house, and I was a little impressed then.
Kento: Oh.
Suda: He has stopped stealing my clothes.
Kento: That’s right.
Suda: *LOL* Well, he took my clothes out to wear for fun as usual, but he properly placed them back on the hangers for me. When I saw that, I thought… “Oh? What change is this? He’s grown up a bit.”
Kento: Well, it’s a simple reason.
Suda: What’s that?
Kento: Because I have more money–
Suda: *LOL* Don’t talk about money! You idiot!
Kento: *LOL* I’ve more money now.
Suda: Are you saying that? Are you silly? *LOL*
Kento: Because I have more money, I’m able to buy my own clothes now.
Suda: I see. That’s right, as an actor, you now are able to feed yourself right?
Kento: That’s right.
Suda: I see! That’s why!
Kento: Yeah.
Suda: So that’s why!
Kento: Yeah.
Suda: Instead of stealing…*LOL*
Kento: I can just buy them myself now. *LOL*
Suda: At that time, do you remember?
Kento: Yes I do.
Suda: Why did you do it (steal my clothes)?
Kento: Well…
Suda: Cos, normally, you’d think like “will I cause him trouble?” Or “if I took off the jeans that I’ve worn already, it’s dirty and I feel bad”, etc?
Kento: That’s right.
Suda: At that time, what were you thinking?
Kento: At that time, I was thinking “I’d like to receive these from Suda-kun”. “Please give them to me, Sempai!”……. No, wasn’t it like Suda-kun telling me “You look good in these, Kento.”, “Oh, is it? Do I look good in them? Then I’ll take them!” kind of thing. So I took them home.
Suda: If that’s the case, you should wear your own clothes back!
Kento: Well, somehow, did I really leave my clothes behind…
Suda: Oh you don’t remember.
Kento: Yeah I don’t.
Suda: You don’t remember, that’s something… At that time maybe I did give some to you.
Kento: But a few days later, you came over to my house and saw my wardrobe. “This looks really good” and took your clothes back.
Suda: Yeah I went to Kento’s house, I went there to retrieve my clothes. *LOL*
Kento: Wah, I was shocked.
Suda: I said “That’s cool” and I took it home lol.
Kento: That’s regrettable.

Suda: Eh, do you still have the clothes that you stole?
Kento: The clothes I stole?
Suda: You’re still not admitting that you stole them ya? *LOL*
Kento: Well, yes.
Suda: Or do you also steal from other people’s house.
Kento: Well, I didn’t steal….
Suda: Why do you steal…
Kento: Well, Suda-kun is someone who has a big heart–
Suda: You threw them away right?
Kento: I–didn’t.
Suda: You definitely threw them away! *LOL*
Kento: I–didn’t–throw.
Suda: *LOL*
Kento: It’s not that I threw them away.
Suda: Yamazaki Kento takes other people’s clothes and throw them away.
Kento: I-didn’t-throw-them-away. I didn’t throw it away, I’m serious. It’s the truth.
Suda: Is it? Oh really.
Kento: Well… isn’t it that?
Suda: What?
Kento: I gave them to my cousin.
Suda: Isn’t it like throwing it away?
Kento: No, no. The clothes that I *received* from Suda-kun–
Suda: HAHAHA. I didn’t give them to you!
Kento: Well, I feel really bad about it… when I couldn’t wear them anymore, I couldn’t throw them away cos my parents were there… I have a cousin, so I thought I’d give it to him. And I gave it to him.
Suda: *LOL* I see. So, what is the reason for not stealing anymore?
Kento: The reason for not stealing anymore? What was it? “I’ve more money now” and what else… Eh?
Suda: Eh, Kento, is this your first time on radio?
Kento: I’ve been on radio for PR many times before.
Suda: But you’ve never been on one where you just talk about yourself, right?
Kento: Yeah. Most of the times it’s about my projects.
Suda: Is that so? Such talk about stealing people’s clothes–
Kento: I didn’t steal.
Suda: *LOL*
Kento: I didn’t steal. I didn’t steal.

Doing too many Live-actions.

Suda: We are now looking at a list of projects we both did in chronological order.
Kento: That’s great. Isn’t Suda-kun doing too many live-actions??? Aren’t you doing too many?
Suda: Well, when you list it out like that, I thought Kento is really someone who keeps doing live-actions, but me… Ain’t I doing too many? Don’t you think that I’m doing more live-actions than you?
Kento: Well, yeah I thought that I was doing more than you. But when I look at this… what is going on? What is going on?
Suda: That’s right.
Kento: And I was bashed a lot for this.
Suda: *claps hands and LOL* That’s not the case, right!
Kento: I was bashed a lot for this…
Suda: That’s not true!
Kento: Suda-kun is…
Suda: That’s not true! I was also bashed for a whole load of things.
Kento: Is there?
Suda: Yes, a lot. And I’m not convinced of them myself.
Kento: Well, I just feel like I’m really being bashed a lot.
Suda: *LOL* Why do you feel so?
Kento: Well… Voices from the public…
Suda: HAHAHA. Really?
Kento: Yeah… [he’s starting to sound really down now. poor guy, he must have really been under a lot of pressure the past few weeks. Even normal fans like myself were feeling it, it must have been worse for him…]
Suda: I watched “JoJo” you know!
Kento: How was it?
Suda: It was good, it was super interesting! You nailed JoJo. [Suda-kun, thanks for pulling our kenken out from negativity…]
Kento: I’m glad.
Suda: On the other hand, have you seen my projects?
Kento: What I watched was…”Death Note”, “Teiichi”, “Gintama”!
Suda: Those were rather recent.
Kento: Yes, recent ones.
Suda: At the theatres?
Kento: Yes, at the theatres… ah, no. Yeah.
Suda: LOL. You’re bad at hiding things.
Kento: No, no, no… I watched “Death Note” in the theatre. I watched “Teiichi” in the theatre. And I watched “Gintama” in the theatre!
Suda: Which is it? *LOL*
Kento: I watched them all in the theatres.

Suda: Among these, “Death Note”. Our common point.
Kento: We both did it right?
Suda: You played L, isn’t that awesome?
Kento: I did my best.
Suda: You were so cool. Actors would be envious.
Kento: Suda-kun, you watched?
Suda: Yes, I did. I did…
Kento: Really?
Suda: When I watched, there was a CM that there’d be a movie. I was thinking “Oh, they’re doing a movie too!” and then (when I knew I was going to act in it), I was shocked.
Kento: Oh I see.
Suda: Me? It’s me?
Kento: At such a timing.
Suda: Yes, yes.

Kento: Now is like the generation where mangas are made into live actions, it’s something, isn’t it? That the two of us… are like needed for it?
Suda: Yeah, we’re really thankful for it ne?
Kento: Yeah.
Suda: But it’s like we also took different paths.
Kento: For me, I did too many shojo mangas. *LOL*
Kento: Simply, I did too many shojo mangas.
Suda: HAHAHAHA. Don’t say it yourself!!! Don’t say it yourself!!!
Kento: LOL yeah. Ah it’s not that I did too many. I was kindly given those roles to do!
Suda: Oh yes, you did many at one go, didn’t you?
Kento: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like “Kyou-koi”, and “LDK”–
Suda: How many times did you do kabedon?
Kento: That is…once only.
Suda: Oh, is that so!
Kento: I only did it once, in the movie “LDK”.
Suda: Oh, is that so!
Kento: But recently in “Saiki Kusuo”, I did a kabedon parody.
Suda: HAHAHAHA I saw that CM. You kabedoned *bam* and the building went *BAM*!

Kento: Suda-kun, have you done any kabedon?
Suda: I’ve never done it before.
Kento: That’s unexpected.
Suda: I kinda wanna do a proper love story, and I thought “finally!” when I got “Oboreru Knife”. But instead, I had to strangle the heroine’s neck and spit at her face… something that crazy.
Kento: Yeah it’s crazy.
Suda: It’s crazy. I wanted to do more like a kabedon kind, a “I will protect you” kind of pure love story. But…strangling her neck lol.
Kento: That’s the difference between Suda-kun and I… You wouldn’t get bashed for that.

Mails from listeners.

Suda: This is Suda Masaki. Our guest today is this person, Yamazaki Kento.
Kento: That’s right!
Kento: I’m Yamazaki Kento.
Suda: Thank you for listening.

Mail from listener ryonerutachi.
Suda: “Suda-san, Yamazaki-san, good evening!”
Kento: Good evening!
Suda: “Oi, Kento!”
Kento: Yes!
Suda: “In my room, there’s a T-shirt with the hiragana words ‘shimanjuu’ and a Pikachu New Era cap. Will you come and steal it?”
Kento: I don’t need that! *LOL*
Suda: HAHAHAHA. Well, of course.
Kento: I’ve graduated from that!
Suda: *LOL*
Kento: I’ve graduated from character New Era caps!

Mail from listener bakkazu.
Suda: “Yamazaki-san!”
Kento: Yes!
Suda: “That Hello Kitty New Era cap, where in Harajuku is it sold? Just nice, I wanted one. Next time, shall we go buy clothes together?”
Kento: She’s making a fool of me rite?
Suda: “I’m free next Saturday.” *LOL*
Kento: Well. That, right? I’m not that free. In any case, maybe I received that from a friend.
Suda: HAHA. Received? Didn’t you buy it?
Kento: Well, basically I didn’t really buy my clothes, in the past. Basically, there was a period of time where I was just receiving clothes from others.
Kento: I got some from Suda-kun, and I got some from my friends.
Suda: I see. On the other hand, is there anything you want now?
Kento: Now? Well, the other day I went to Suda-kun’s house, didn’t I?
Suda: There was something you wanted? What? You… don’t have evil designs on my room.
Kento: No, no, rather than which clothes, it’s like a clothes shop.
Suda: What’s that??
Kento: I thought Suda-kun’s house is the most like a clothes shop.
Suda: Oh.
Kento: I’d like to have that. What would I like…. Erm, give me everything!
Suda: HAHAHA. Everyone, this person is a little different from the Yamazaki Kento-kun you see on TV, right?
Kento: That’s right.
Suda: Kento-kun is such a fun guy, you know. HAHAHA…

Mail from listener nerikeshi.
Suda: Ah this is a proper question. Do you feel the pressure from acting a live action movie?
Kento: That’s right. I truly feel a great deal of pressure. I feel the pressure, and do it– Well, well, of course, in a good way, it’s important to make changes and all… and while feeling the pressure, erm it’s just–
Suda: Somehow you are suddenly….
Kento: Hmm? Hmm?
Suda: Suddenly you are– can you stop speaking like you’re on TV.
Kento: Oh, did I say something wrong?
Suda: Stop that.
Kento: Well, well, well, I feel a lot of pressure.
Suda: You do?
Kento: Yes, a great deal. Yeah. That’s all.

Suda: On the other hand, is there any role you’d like to do in the future? Or was there any role in the past that left a big impression? Or if we were to do something together?……
Kento: “35sai (no koukousei)”.
Suda: During the climax scene of “35sai”, Kento held the knife in the classroom. At that time, I, Suda Masaki was held hostage, and… Kento was frantically trying to–
Kento: Crazily.
Suda: Yes, he was crazily demanding for something…
Kento: Well, Suda-kun was at the top of the school caste.
Suda: I was held at knife point and was really frightened, going “ahhh~ahh~~” during the actual take, but Kento was like, he couldn’t stop laughing!
Kento: *HAHAHAHAHA* You know that… That was seriously yabai.
Suda: Well, people who watched it on TV wouldn’t know such a thing happened. But on set, everyone were laughing like mad.
Kento: Cos… Suda-kun was like… saying things like *ahh~ahh~~yabai~~* it was really yabai.

Kento: Enemies? I’d like us to play enemies.
Suda: Like Batman and Joker. Or we can even do the opposite.
Kento: Yeah, like I play Joker.
Suda: And I play the good guy.
Kento: That’d be interesting, right? I’d like to play something opposite–
Suda: –from the roles you’ve done before, right?
Kento: Yeah.
Suda: I hope some Producer-san listens to this. HAHA.

Kento: I’d play the bad guy, right?
Suda: Yeah.
Kento: And Suda-kun, the hero, right?
Suda: Yeah.

Mail from listener asakaraniku (meat from morning).
Kento: Ok, what is it? Let’s go.
Suda: Yamazaki, you ate garlic, right?
Suda: Don’t tell me… now there’s a strong garlic… Don’t tell me, that Yamazaki Kento has such a garlic smell…
Kento: Did you just feel it?
Suda: Yes, I felt it greatly.
Kento: Well… LOL. Before this, I had interviews for “Saiki Kusuo”, with Fukuda-san–
Suda: Before coming on this show?
Kento: Yeah, I was with Director Fukuda Yuichi.
Suda: Fukuda Yuichi, director of “Saiki Kusuo”.
Kento: And I told him that I’ll be going to Suda-kun’s All Night Nippon. Then he said ‘Let’s go have Genghis Khan.’
Suda: What’s that? Fukuda-san!
Kento: Then, we added a lot of garlic to the meat, and he told me to get myself soaked with garlic smell and bring the show down.

Mail from listener asakaraniku.
Kento: From Niku-san.
Suda: “During your normal everyday life, do you think like ‘oh I look so handsome~~’?”
Kento: Hmmm…
Suda: “If it’s Yamazaki Kento, I think he’d do that.”
Kento: Well, that’s right… I guess I’d think so.
Suda/Kento: *HAHAHAHA*
Kento: I do think so.
Suda: I see. When do you think so?
Kento: Somehow… like when I wake up in the morning, and look at the mirror–
Suda: HAHA. That’s fast! Isn’t it too early (in the morning)?
Kento: Like in the morning, I’d think of brushing my teeth etc. And when I see the mirror, “Ain’t I an ikemen (handsome guy)?”
Suda: *LOL* are you for real?
Kento: That’s a lie, that’s a lie. I don’t think that at all, usually.
Suda: But usually one would think so right?
Kento: How about Suda-kun?
Suda: Well I think that every day.
Suda: Actually, I think that every second.
Suda: I’m so cool! Whichever angle, I look so good…
Kento: Whichever angle right?
Suda: Using a three-sided mirror ne, a 360degree view of myself…
Kento: Well, we are ikemen, aren’t we? =D

Mail from listener goron.
Suda: “Eh~~~somehow Yamazaki Kento is different from what I think he is~~ eheheheh~~ maybe I like him more? eheheheh~ Seems like my prejudice against ikemen actors is going to disappear? I wanted to bash him, but this is so strange…”
Kento: *LOL*
Suda: Well, I’m sorry about that, my listeners you know, kinda dislike ikemen actors…. But everyone’s taken by Kento’s aimless feel.
Kento: That’s the way.
Suda: Don’t say it yourself!!!
Kento: I will build my own country!!

To be continued…

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