Happy 26th Birthday, Kento Yamazaki!

Our dearest Kenken turns 26 today! Happy Birthday!


To celebrate this day, I’ll probably be rewatching some of Kento’s dramas/movies, and translating any new tweets or updates that pop up along the way. Meanwhile I’ve also subbed a very short clip from three years ago. I’m doing final checks now and will post it within half an hour. To all Yamaken fans around the world, have a great Kento Day, and stay safe! <3

5 thoughts on “Happy 26th Birthday, Kento Yamazaki!

  1. Happy birthday, Kento ^-^. Hope you´ll stay safe and happy. And thanks Mich for always keeping an eye on Kento´s activities and posting them, helps me so much to keep track, which would be hard otherwise.

  2. Happy 26th Yamaken! You are slowly turning into a fine man! Keep up the great work! Lookign forward to more serious roles in the futurre! Stay healthy, safe and sane! 🙂 Cheers!!!

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