[HD] ビビット 2017.07.31

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  • Kento loves gyutan, and ate it for 3 days in a row when he was in Sendai. No matter how not hungry he is, he’d still be able to eat gyutan. But when asked what would be the last food he’d have in his life, he answered “water.” lol~
  • He has an older brother who’s about 7 years older, so he doted on him a lot.
  • He dislikes parsley.
  • He loved soccer, and aimed to be a pro.
  • He was scouted at Harajuku after playing soccer at Yoyogi Park.
  • He debuted at 16 and appeared in various movies but his role in asadora Mare gave him his break. “People who seldom watch TV or movies tend to watch asadoras too, and even if they do not watch it live, many of them record it and watch them before going to bed.”
  • Kento’s father loves war stories, and would like Kento to act in one. “I’d like to shave my head and play one of these roles.”
  • “After regent hair, it’s bald head.” w w w
  • Yamada Takayuki on Kento, “He’s upright, whether as an actor or a person. He’s honest and tries to accept and absorb.”
  • Kamiki says of Kento, “I was shocked that he brought that many books on urban legends to Spain. He was always reading them. There were over 10 books. Amazing, right?”

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