[HD] Uwa! Damasareta Taisho 2017 (2017.12.30) Kenken & Macken Cut

All the JoJo PR feels are coming back!

Brief translation of the clip:

Kento was introduced as the instigator of this prank. He’d have to silently place the ‘bomb’ on the table behind Macken using shinobi ashi (stealth footsteps). If Macken finds out before that, the bomb will explode in Kento’s face lol. While preparing for the prank, Kento asked the staff if drawing open the curtains would make any noise, and the staff said that they’ll do it as quietly as they can.

Macken came into the room, but couldn’t seem to sit still. Kento whispered, “He isn’t sitting down… This is going to be tough.” After walking around and drinking water, Macken finally sits down, and Kento decided to make his move. Everything went well…and the bomb exploded as planned.

The interesting part was what came after the prank.

Kento held the “Success!” board and went “Ta~tada!”. Then Macken was like “Don’t say ‘ta~tada~~’. If you are here, at least let me know! See! My heart is beating so fast!” and he grabs Kento’s hand and placed it under his coat, on his chest~ *all fangirls dead* Kento was like “Mine too! Mine too!”, and Macken immediately placed his hand on Kento’s chest, then said “That’s true!” =D

As there weren’t many reports or two-shots of them recently, I didn’t expect much. But from this video above, and the pic below, the bromance is still going strong ne~

Caption: “The back hug that girls long for”
Image cr. @Yamaken____0907

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  1. Omg! Got excited, so eager to watch it! Thanks for the translation. MacKento …. For the second time around. More more more! Happy New Year.

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