Isshuukan Friends. Official Goods

The Ichifure original goods, and Isshuukan Friends.×Little Twin Stars collaboration goods will go on sale from 10am on 18 February, 2017. They can be purchased at cinemas screening the movie, NTV shops, Froovie etc.

Isshuukan Friends. Original Goods

・Clearfiles Set @ 500yen (incl. tax)
– set of 2 clear files: live-action movie ver. & original manga ver.

・Mini Towel @ 700yen (incl. tax)

・Sticky Notes Set @ 550yen (incl. tax)
– front & back covers, and inner stickies

・Earphone Jack Charm @ 850yen (incl. tax)

・Scrunchie @ 850yen (incl. tax)

・Ball Pen Set @ 864yen (incl. tax)

Isshuukan Friends.×Little Twin Stars Collaboration Goods

・Isshuukan Friends.×Little Twin Stars Notebook @ 550yen (incl. tax)
– cover & inner pages

・Isshuukan Friends.×Little Twin Stars Mechanical Pencil Pink/Blue @ 600yen (incl. tax) ea.

・Isshuukan Friends.×Little Twin Stars Clearfile @ 350yen (incl. tax)
– front & back

・Isshuukan Friends.×Little Twin Stars Key Holder @ 900yen (incl. tax)

・Isshuukan Friends.×Little Twin Stars Tissue Pouch @ 800yen (incl. tax)
– front & back

・Isshuukan Friends.×Little Twin Stars Lunch Tote Bag @ 1,500yen (incl. tax)

3 thoughts on “Isshuukan Friends. Official Goods

  1. I love all the goods <3 it's a good thing I'm not in Japan cos I might buy everything then go home broke lol liitle twin stars~ ^^ I want the earphone jack charm~ but I'll prolly not use it cos I might lost it hnnng

  2. totally understand. i always can’t bear to use my goods….but i still end up buying them when i’m in japan. it’s hard to walk away empty-handed ne!

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