Sekai Maru Mie! TV Tokusoubu 2017.01.30

This is the first variety bangumi that Kento and Haruna-chan were on for ichifure PR. And he looked so tired… He must be filming a gazillion things that has yet to be announced ne. Basically I’ve cut away only the beginning portion before Haruna-chan appeared, so the clip is about 38mins long => MF (517mb)

The hosts asked our ichifure leads on their views after each story. In short, this show is about the “world in full view”, and they showed some rather unique stories from other parts of the world. I like the one where they trained a dog to stay by the side of a lady who uncontrollably falls asleep anytime anywhere.

They then brought out 4 dogs and asked the guests to guess which one is a ‘therapy dog’. Haruna-chan with the puppies…way too adorable!

Finally they did a short PR of ichifure ?

2 thoughts on “Sekai Maru Mie! TV Tokusoubu 2017.01.30

  1. I love their style in this show, both of them looks so fresh tho yea, our kento seems tired of all the shoots he’s gone too already. Otsukaresama kento-kun~

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