JoJo x Ikinari! Steak @ Akasaka Sacas

From JoJo’s tweet on 15 July, 2017:

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure × Ikinari! Steak collaboration starts today❗️
The「Great! Fillet Steak」is sold exclusively at the Akasaka Sacas shop?
Upon gathering 6 stamps in the Ikinari! Steak app, you may apply to win prizes including a poster signed by Yamazaki-san✨
Campaign runs till 31 Aug❗️

13 thoughts on “JoJo x Ikinari! Steak @ Akasaka Sacas

      1. that project should be renamed “Jojo’s Troll Adventure”

        tbh i wonder if we ever get a second movie. in swiss they confirmed the box office will decide that. and we all know the japanese Jojo fandom trash it already 🙁

        [-spoiler warning-]
        and IF they do it they will jump straight to Kira because Keicho was killed by Sheer Heart Attack in the movie ..

        1. yeah we’ll hv to wait and see how this one does. i’m already quite immune to the trolling now. they overeact to everything and anything — like how they wish kento fell into the lake in switzerland lol. but there were some kind souls in that fandom who stood up for the director and cast so that made me smile.

          blade of immortal didn’t do well in the box office, so i’m not expecting much of jojo either. though i do hope that they make a part 2 just to close off the story. but OMG~~ [btw, i’ve inserted a spoiler warning to your comment… please do not shock me like that so suddenly! haha] they will have loads more to say when the movie is released. though… [-spoiler warning-] even if they were to kill off keicho with red hot chilli pepper, the trolling will continue all the same lol

          1. “like how they wish kento fell into the lake in switzerland” da hell? people actually said that? i mean they can be dissatisfied with the movie but such jokes are just disgusting ugh …..

            maybe they should try to make some money abroad? the Tokyo Ghoul movie for example was licensed and announced for a Blu-ray release in the german speaking area (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) before the first teaser even dropped.
            both movies seem to be competitors anyway because the japanese nationwide release is just like one week apart. and the world premiere was one day apart (NIFFF & Anime Expo).

            i’m not even a Jojo fan but i enjoyed the movie. and with the way it ended, esp the last scene, it really feels like just being an indroduction to the setting & characters…

            PS: excuse my shitty english. non-native speaker here 😀

            1. “people actually said that? i mean they can be dissatisfied with the movie but such jokes are just disgusting ugh …..” ~> disgusting indeed. and these are people who haven’t even watched the movie. it only reflects badly on themselves anyway. most fans are afraid to comment on the official twitter cos simple comments like “i’m looking forward to the movie” might get you a hate reply. IG is a much happier place 🙂

              Good to hear that you enjoyed the movie! 😀 From what you said, it seems like a waste if Part 2 isn’t made! Now I really can’t wait to watch it. Still over 2 weeks to go…

              1. you live in japan right? so you don’t have to experience the usuall “we have to wait 6 months more until the freaking blu-ray is out in japan”-torture lol

                people should grow the heck up. kinda ironic: japan shits on Jojo but the west seems to perceive it way more positive. meanwhile the west shits on Netflix Death Note (“muh why is L blaaaaack”) while japanese are more open minded about this project.
                but tbh kento have immature fans too. all this people on 2chan who are more obsessed about his looks and dating life then his actual projects sigh ..

                Offtopic: do you have a Tumblr admin?

              2. ah no, i don’t live in Japan but I’ll be going over for vacation then. JoJo will be screening in my country too so I would watch it again. ah sou ka… sigh i won’t really consider them fans if they aren’t interested in his projects! and i don’t read 2ch, it’s full of bs anyway. haha i guess I’m quite lucky to have met only sensible fans so far. thank god 😀 oh, and i don’t have a tumblr.

              3. ahh too bad. need more kento fans to stalk i mean follow over there (esp since they added a messanger like facebook)..

                good decision tbh. sometimes 2chan is useful when they have informations about movie shots before it’s even official. on the other hand they behavior (like bullying tao 24/7) just give me a headache.

                yeah i read something about it also being screened in other asian countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Malasiya. but it’s not uncommon for countries like this. here in europe we rarely get japanese non anime-movies 🙁

              4. haha stalk =P it’s not common here too but recently more and more japanese films are being brought in so i guess there’s always hope! let’s be positive 🙂 you were there for the jojo world premiere! that must be one of the most unforgettable nights for kento, and u were a part of it =D

  1. from all people on stage he was the only one who actually looked nervous. i almost burst out laughing when a dude said to his GF something like “look how cute he is” xD
    it was kinda hard to focus on the movie tbh when you can’t pause like every 3 seconds + the fact knowing Kento sits a few rows behind you XP

    1. Hahaha thanks for sharing 😀 Kento in real life is hard to resist ne hehehe~ If I were there I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the movie too XD

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