Kamiki Ryunosuke’s photo of Sakurada Dori….on Yamazaki Kento’s bed =D

Sakurada Dori shared this photo in his official blog post titled “Midnight BLOG” early this morning, 15 July 2017 @ 1:02AM JPT.

Everyone, konbanwa☆

This photo was taken a while ago by Kamiki Ryuu-kun

Seems like Ryuu-kun wanted to take a “You may use this as~~” photo that’s trending recently

With Ryuu-kun’s personal guidance and encouragement, this photo was taken

It might be embarrassing, but it’s foolish to reject Ryuu-kun

By the way, we took it such that I’m on top of him

But whatever posture Ryuu-kun and I did to get this taken

Don’t go thinking about it okay

One day I’d like to take a pic of the Ryuu-kun version of this photo

If such a pic is released to the open, I think a horrifying energy will overflow the Japanese islands

Sakurada went on to talk about his upcoming drama appearances, photobook release, etc. Then he said:

Such a me recently met up with friends whom I haven’t seen in a while

Kamiki, Yoshizawa, and Yamazaki – this ‘three pair’ (sic)

These three, to make it simple:

Ryuu-kun, Oryo, Zakiyama Kentou

He went on to talk about how he recently hangs out a lot with Ryuu-kun, and if he’s not with him, he’d be at home on standby (lol), reading manga, and that many mangas he likes have recently been made into animes, etc… etc… etc… His blog post ended with no further mention of Kento.

BUT…at 2:25AM JPT on his personal twitter account, he retweeted the official blog post with this:

By the way, this photo was taken on the bed of Kento’s home

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