Kanade for Isshuukan Friends.

The theme song for Isshuukan Friends. has been decided! Sukima Switch will perform a rearranged version of their 2004 single “Kanade” and the title of the theme song will be  “Kanade for Isshuukan Friends.” ♥

Isshukan Friends fans would be familiar with this song as it was also used as the ending theme for the anime, performed then by Amamiya Sora who voiced for Kaori-chan. I really liked the song while watching the anime, and it is actually still on my playlist everyday. Just imagine how excited I was about this!

Yamazaki Kento’s Comment

“Kanade” is a song that I really liked all along. When I heard that this song will be made the theme song, I was really elated. When I listened to the song again, the words from the lyrics are linked to the feelings of Hase Yuuki whom I play, and this makes me really warm inside. Furthermore, I feel really honoured that they made a Isshuukan Friends. version that will be played in the theatres. Thank you for such a brilliant song. Until the very end of the credits roll, this song will create a warm and gentle atmosphere in the theatre that will resonate with the movie’s theme. I’m now looking forward to it.

Here’s Sukima Switch re-enacting the “Please be friends with me” scene, and them again at the school rooftop and lockers area.

ichifure-kanade02 ichifure-kanade01 ichifure-kanade04 ichifure-kanade03

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