Kayou Surprise 2018.01.23 – Yamazaki Kento and Suda Masaki

The clips that I shared on Twitter are HD, but unfortunately the full episode that I have is only SD quality. I’ve cut just the “Yamazaki Kento and Suda Masaki in Koenji” part from the episode. This episode was super fun, and they really left so many of Kento’s tennen moments uncut lol.

Just translating a few parts due to time constraint. During the opening, they were at the north exit of Koenji station.

Wentz: How old were you guys when you first met?
Kento: I was 16? I was 16? I was…16?
Wentz: I’ve heard it already!

Wentz: I really think that, you both are the two busiest people in 2017.
Suda: No, Wentz-san, you’re definitely more busy.
Wentz: Are you making fun of me?
Suda: No, no, no… but aren’t the recording times for variety shows really long?
Wentz: No way. You guys film dramas until early in the morning, right?
Suda: *pushes Kento to the front, and hides behind Kento*
Kento: Yes.
Wentz: For free & easy episodes like this…
Kento: You film till mornings, right?
Wentz: No, usually only for 3-1/2 hours!

Wentz: What do you want to eat?
Kento: Well, as long as it’s delicious…
Suda: *whacks Kento*
Kento: Ramen!

Wentz: What kind of ramen do you like?
Kento: Tonkotsu ramen.

And they started walking towards the south exit in search for tonkotsu shops.

Suda: I don’t really know any tonkotsu shops around… I thought if we walked on, we can find one. But actually, I personally have another recommendation.
Wentz: …What is it?
Suda: Tantan men.
Wentz: I see. But what Kento wants to eat is…?
Kento: Tantan men.

And while they walked on, they really found a tonkotsu shop.

Suda: Oh! There’s a tonkotsu shop!
Kento: But I want tantan men.

As they walked towards the tantan men shop that Suda frequents, Kento and Suda were having their own conversation on the “tantan men shop’s shop owner”… until Wentz was like “how many times are you guys going to say ‘tantan men shop’s shop owner’?!” =D

They reached the tantan men shop called “Jimon”. When deciding who should go in and ask for permission to film inside the shop, Suda said he’s a bit nervous cos the owner is a person who doesn’t usually talk to his customers. Kento was like “then maybe I should…”, it would seem like he’s volunteering to go ask for permission right? But when they pressed on further, Kento said (very softly, almost mumbling…), “I think it’s better that Suda-kun do it….” lol.

When they got inside and seated, it turns out the shop owner didn’t recognise Suda when he went there to eat preiviously haha.

Wentz: How old are you, Kento?
Kento: I’m 24 this year. I’m a toshi-otoko.
Wentz: Then do you have a goal?
Kento: MY GOAL IS . . . .

His “my goal is” was so loud and clear. It’s like he’s so confident of saying out his goals. But actually… he doesn’t know what to say HAHA. This is so typical of Kento ne.

BTW, Kento took the tantan men with spiciness level 2. Suda took spiciness level 1. And Wentz took the maze soba. Both Kento and Suda seem able to take spicy stuff, but Wentz… LOL when he tried Kento’s level 2 =D I’ll skip the part on the avocado, cheese, and curry lol since I already translated it here. But after that, Kento said he used to stay over at Suda’s house quite often. Those were the days when they weren’t busy at all. Kento told Suda he wanted to eat both spicy and sweet curry, so Suda had “no choice” but to make two types “half and half” using two frying pans.

Kento: When I woke up, he has already made them for me.
Wentz: What? You were sleeping?!
Kento: Yes.
Wentz: You told him to cook it, then you went to sleep?!!
Kento: Yes.

Wentz: How did you differentiate the sweet from the spicy?
Suda: I added things like milk.
Wentz: You love milk?
Suda: Yes.
Wentz: You surely have them at home.
Suda: Yes. I’ve always got 2 packets of 2-litres milk at home.
Kento: I remember, I was thinking then “he really has a lot of milk”.

Then, they left the shop and proceeded to walk the streets in search of nice food. They made Kento approach people since he plays a host in Todome no Kiss, but after a while, Kento said that it seems difficult for him to approach people haha. Finally, he decided to ask two girls who said they just went to eat at a shop which provides free Gyoza for every drink you order. Wentz told Kento to promote his drama, and when he did, the girls said they watched it. They shook hands with Kento and Suda. After everything, Kento said “I think I’m not good with (interacting with) people.”

Then they talked to another lady who recommended a tempura shop called “Tensuke”.

Wentz: Is it a chain store?
Lady: No, I don’t think so. It’s a store with counter seats.
Kento: Is it a chain store?
Lady: No, it’s not.
Wentz: Are you doubting her answer?
Kento: *shakes head*
Suda: She already said it’s not.
Kento: Is that so? (Sorry) I wasn’t listening.

Wentz: Just now you weren’t fooling around, right? I just wanted to make sure.
Kento: No, no.
Wentz: (to Suda) He’s just tennen, isn’t he?
Suda: Have you realized already? From time to time, Kento-kun can’t hear.
Kento: . . . I turned off (my switch) for a while just now.

They walked to Tensuke but it was closed that day. Then they met another two ladies, one of them is the owner of a cafe called Baby King Kitchen. She said she’d recommend this dish called “kids lunch”, that’s packaged like kids meal but meant for adults to eat, and Suda said “that seems perfect for Kento” LOL.

They found the Baby King Kitchen, and finally got approval to enter the shop (even though the time for the last order is already over). On the way up to the cafe, Kento rang the bell which is actually only meant for guests with baby prams lol. He also played with the slide (but got stuck cos of his leather pants lol). After that, while they were walking over to the table, Wentz told Kento “I’ll use all the power I have to make sure that gets aired” LOL.

Kento with the bear:

Wentz: What is your name?
Kento: Kuma. Ku…kuma. I’m Kuma.
Wentz: So you’re called “Kuma”.
Kento: That’s right.
Wentz: How about your father and mother?
Kento: I’m Kuma.

They looked through the menu which had some interesting names.

Wentz: Let’s have one “kids lunch”. Then for the other two dishes, each of you please select something you like.
Suda: Kento, what do you want?
Kento: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Suda *points to the staff’s “Hurry, place your orders please!” cue card*
Kento: Oh shux. What should I order?
Suda: What was that just now!?
Wentz: Were you undecided?
Kento: Yes, I couldn’t decide.
Suda: I see.
Wentz: Okay, so let’s have a “kids lunch” and… *looks at Suda* a “princess lunch”? Shall we just go with these two dishes? Or is there something else you guys want to eat?
Kento: Well maybe… *continues to stare at the menu hahaha*
Suda: Do you need that long to decide? *LOL*
Kento: Can I order…? *seeks confirmation from Wentz and Suda*
Wentz: Go ahead, if there’s something you want to eat.
Kento: Okay… a “kira kira fruit punch”.

It’s funny how they were all talking about food, and after looking at the menu for soooo long, Kento went for a drink. The fruit punch was served first, and everyone wanted to know how it tasted, right? Kento took a sip and…

Kento: It’s really, you know… *takes another sip*

Then the “kids lunch” and “princess lunch” were served. The way Kento eats omurice is…. like a 5-year-old. Suda was laughing by the side. Then the best part was when Kento tried the hamburg with a spoon from one of the small cups:

Kento: It’s delicious. There are bits of nankotsu (cartilage) inside.
Wentz: Really? Such an adult-like thing? Are you sure?
*Kento looks like he was 200% sure HAHA*
Kento: (to the shop owner) There’s nankotsu inside this, right?
Shop owner: . . . There isn’t.
Suda: *whacks Kento’s head*


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  1. The way the host told Masaki “shouldn’t you sound happier” when he came out of the ramen place after he’d gotten the OK and he just went “yatta” with a straight face xD xD xD I lost it!

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