‘Kingdom’ has Crossed the 4.5 Billion Yen Mark in Box Office

According to this article, live-action movie ‘Kingdom’ ranked 3rd in its 5th weekend since its release on 19 April. On 18-19 May, 147,000 people saw ‘Kingdom’ in the theatres and 210 million yen was added to its box office, bringing the total past 4.5 billion yen [Update: the exact figure is 4,515,354,000 yen].

The second big hit stage greeting will take place this Saturday. We hope to have another box office update then. And hopefully a sequel announcement too?

Meanwhile, Singapore and Malaysia have announced theatrical releases for June and July. See our Tweet below! Hopefully more international releases will be announced soon too!

3 thoughts on “‘Kingdom’ has Crossed the 4.5 Billion Yen Mark in Box Office

  1. hello i just want to say thank you for updating about yamaken. because of you, i know a lot of updates about him. I’ve been following this blog since 2017, your translation helps a lot ❤️.

  2. Congrats #TeamKingdom, hope you will hit the 5B yen hehehe. thanks a lot dear for always sharing Kento`s stuff, for , translating and updating us.

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