KINGDOM official goods

At a glance, the goods that will go on sale at theatres screening ‘KINGDOM’ starting 19 April.

Details :-

Clear file set 540yen
2 clear files, Shin and Sei, in a set
– PP / A4 / Made in Japan

Coaster set 950yen
2 cloth coasters, Qin and dragon, in a set
– Polyester / Approx. 9x9cm / Made in China

Bookmark 700yen
Shin’s sword
– Metal and thread / Body approx. H11.8×W1.5cm / Made in China

Book cover 950yen
Kingdom manga size book cover printed in gold foil, bookmark comes with a sword charm.
– Synthetic leather and metal / Approx. 36.3×19.2cm / Made in China

Smartphone ring 750yen
– Metal / Approx. 3.5×5.7cm / Made in China

Clear bookmark 500yen
2 pcs in a set, pics of Shin from the movie
– PP / Approx. 7×10cm (poster-style) and 4.5×13.2cm (film style) / Made in Japan

2-in-1 pencil and pen 800yen
The clipper comes with a sword plate
– ABS and metal / Approx. 14.5cm / Made in China

Paper knife (Shin) 1,350yen
3D Shin’s sword made into a letter opener
– Metal / Approx. 15cm / Made in China

Paper knife (Ouki) 1,350yen
3D Ouki’s glaive made into a letter opener
– Metal / Approx. 20cm / Made in China

Charm strap set 1080yen
2pcs, Shin and Sei, in a set
– Approx. 19cm / Made in China

Mask keyholder 800yen
Half-3D Mountain King Yotanwa’s mask
– Metal / Approx. 9×6cm / Made in China

Sword keyholder 800yen
3D Shin’s sword with sheath
– Metal / Approx. 13cm / Made in China

Charms (-Random-) 700yen
6 types: Shin’s sword, Ouki’s glaive, Karyoten, Yotanwa’s mask, Bajio’s mask, Tajifu’s mask
*You won’t know which one you get until you open the package
– Metal / Blind package / Made in China

Pins set 800yen
Ouki’s Army, 3pcs in a set
– Metal / Approx. 2.5×2.5cm (flag) and 4.5×0.8cm (logo) / Made in China

Kinchaku 1080yen
Drawstring bag based on Sei’s kimono
– Polyester / Approx. 19.5×24.5cm / Made in China

Eco-bag with pouch 1200yen
An eco-bag inside Karyoten’s strawcape pouch
– Polyester / Approx. 11×14cm (pouch) and 30×50cm (eco-bag) / Made in China

T-shirt 2700yen
Limited ed. design using the manga images
– Cotton / L size (approx. 71cm (length), 53cm (width), 21cm (sleeve) / Made in Bangladesh

Clear shitajiki 350yen
An ‘under-sheet’ (writing board) featuring all manga characters that appear in the movie
– PVC / clear type / B5 size / Made in Japan

These goods can also be purchased online at stellatuhan (ship within Japan only). Do not forget the pamphlet that can only be purchased at the goods counter in the theatres.

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