[Notes] Kingdom’s Second Big Hit Stage Greeting 25 May 2019

The second stage greeting to celebrate the big hit of live-action movie ‘Kingdom’ was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi yesterday (25 May). In attendance were the cast Yamazaki Kento, Yoshizawa Ryo, Osawa Takao and the director Sato Shinsuke.

Here are some notes from various reports :-

  • After 36 days of screening in Japan theatres (as at the end of 24 May), ‘Kingdom’ has taken in a total 4.7 billion yen in box office. ‘Kingdom’ has overtaken ‘Masquerade Hotel’ and is currently the top Japanese movie of 2019 so far, in box office.
  • When Kento and Ryo pulled apart the huge ball to release the congratulatory message, they mentioned that it was larger than the one at the previous big hit stage greeting.
  • Kento asked the audience if there were people watching it for the second or third time, and they found out that some actually watched it more than 20 times!
  • The cast and staff answered questions that the official Twitter etc. gathered from fans.
  • In response to the question on NG scenes, Ryo said that he actually didn’t have any NG scenes. He said, “I’m brilliant, right?” LOL
  • As for Kento, he confessed that he had an NG in a scene with Karyoten played by Hashimoto Kanna. It was a serious scene where Shin was supposed to shout “Ten!”, but what he shouted out was… “Kan!” LOL

More photos from the event :-

Seems like ‘Kingdom’ will soon hit 5 billion yen 🙂

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