[Message] 20140421 – Grateful

2014-04-21 21:38:41


Thank you for the
many comments


The photobook launch handshake event

I don’t usually have the chance to do this

So, really, I was able to meet so many people,

To have eye contact and talk,

To receive power from that,

I’m really touched.


Thank you very much


I’m also really grateful to the staff who were engaged in the making of this photobook.


Because I’ve been supported by so many people that I am here today.
Once again, this was reaffirmed.


From now on, I’ll continue
being myself, so
please watch over me.


An Osaka launch event has been decided!!


I’m looking forward to it!
1st Photobook 『Genzaichi』 Launch Memorial Handshake Event
Date:7 May, 2014 (Wed)
Venue: Kinokuniya Bookstore Grand Front Osaka Store
Time: 5pm onwards

Kinokuniya Store HP







Yowakutemo Katemasu


Thank you for the
many responses


The cast are really getting along well, to the extent that we’re getting along too well.

It’ll be great if this gets conveyed onscreen as well

The cast and staff are filming in unison


Ebato Kouki


When he fails at something, he’ll not be able to get over it

he’s not able to express and assert his own opinions



After his promise to Aoshi-sensei
Ebato has decided not to reflect on the past


I think he’s grown up a little bit.


Although we are useless
we love baseball


It’ll be good if I can
write a lot about the drama

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  1. It was nice reading these trans from his blogs about YowaKate, I am happy that he really had great memories from the drama, given that Nino is also there <3

    1. ya he wrote quite a lot for this drama ne! ah nino ka~ i like it when kento goes on vs arashi. somehow nino will have something (funny) to say about him XDDD

      1. that’s right! and yes, I won’t miss every VS Arashi show he’s in, every episode is epic, I won’t be surprised if he will be a permanent PLUS ONE someday, that has not happen yet tho – no longer an opponent but part of team Arashi haha

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