Oricon 2018.01.07 – Todome no Kiss

Translating mostly Kento’s comments from the article:

「I’ve never played a host before. It’s unfamiliar territory to me so I’m putting my all into the role… As it isn’t based on any original work, there’s a certain level of freedom. I myself don’t know how the story will end, so in a good way while I’m being manipulated by the script I’m having fun playing the role.」

The kiss scenes are vital to the story. However they’re different from usual kiss scenes. 「After being kissed, he gets spasms and spits blood etc. I’ve gotten better at the spasms (lol). 」Before Outarou dies, 「He feels a little numb, his eyes will open suddenly, and then his heart stops. Acting that is quite tiring. It’s like doing vigorous sports (lol). 」

Outarou isn’t a host that handles a bottle of champagne with a single hand, but he’s the type who 「is calm, a number one host who’d ask “what’s wrong?” and listen to his guests’ problems」. But 「on the inside, he judges people based on their annual income.」This gap between the two flip sides of Outarou is something that Kento wishes viewers to see. 「This drama touches on various genres, it’s like soup with loads of ingredients in it. I do things like spit blood, be a host, kiss, gets killed, and there are love scenes too… 」

Being the lead role in a drama where its cast includes many young actors and actresses like Kadowaki Mugi, Arata Mackenyu, Shison Jun, Araki Yuko, and Suda Masaki, 「there’s indeed pressure」. But he also said,「there is pressure, but everyone is creating this together」.

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