Saiki K. Nagoya stage greeting report 2017.10.23

Kento didn’t attend the stage greetings in Nagoya, but he was mentioned so I’m gonna briefly translate. This video is from the second stage greeting that day.

At 08:44

Fan: What kind of person is your co-star Yamazaki Kento-kun?
Kanna/Fukuda: What image does he have?
Fan: Tennen (air-headed) and kinda ‘my pace’.
Fukuda: He’s exactly as you said.
Kanna: You’re correct.
Fukuda: How do you know that? You’re not even his girlfriend. (lol)

Kanna: Yes, he’s exactly like that.
Fukuda: I thought he’s a little more cool.
Kanna: LOL. But really, he doesn’t have an ‘other side’ [i.e. he’s the same on and off screen — btw, Tsuchiya Tao said the same about him during an interview two years back]. How to say it… He’s very “natural”?
Fukuda: He’s like a puppy. I’ve not watched every single work of his, but my impression of him as Kuro-ouji from “Wolf Girl and Black Prince” was very strong.
Kanna: He’s totally different from that (lol)
Fukuda: I had a strong impression of him doing this to Nikaido Fumi, asking her to turn three rounds, raise her hands and go ‘oof!’… He has the image of being really cool. Right?

Fukuda: He’s a really cute kid.
Kanna: Really, he’s loved by anyone/everyone.
Fukuda: Somehow, how to put it, he makes people want to tease him. Yesterday we teased him quite a bit.

At 12:25

Fukuda: The three of us went to eat steak after the event.
Kanna: Ah yes, we did.
Fukuda: I ordered 600g. I eat quite a lot. “I ordered 600g, so what about you? Kento-kun, what about you?” and he said “I’ll go with 500g.” Well, well, well…
Kanna: That was really huge… furthermore, it comes with a whole mountain of rice and salad.
Fukuda: And when he ate about 1/3 of it, he was like “I can finish all of it, totally… but do you want to eat a little?” LOL.

Fukuda: He’s so cute. He’s a really kind person ne…. Really. If you’re his girlfriend, I think you’d be really blessed… He’s really someone loved by everyone.

Fukuda: (During the filming) he was always beside me, saying “Director, what shall we eat?”… You are so cute!!! *strokes an imaginery puppy’s head* Good boy, good boy, good boy! *continues to stroke the “puppy”‘s head lol* He’s really cute…. He’s really cute. (To fan) He’s perhaps exactly as you think. Really.

Just a bit during the ending comment

Kanna: Sorry, that Yamazaki Kento-san isn’t here.
Fukuda: That’s right.
Kanna: He was able to go with us to Osaka though.
Fukuda: Maybe he’d be able to make it for the ‘big hit’ event…
Kanna: Yes, if this becomes a hit…
Fukuda: Probably we can steal some of his schedule from Rikuou, and come to Nagoya again…

Kanna: This movie is one where you don’t really have to use your head…
Fukuda: To be honest, it’s a movie with no content… LOL

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