Sayonara Elegy MV

Screenies, just because. ^^

MF (full, 720p, 22mb)

Suda Masaki’s 3rd single “Sayonara Elegy”, theme song for NTV drama “Todome no Kiss” (Kiss that Kills) will release on 21 February, 2018. There’s only one edition of the single, a CD which consists of 3 tracks as follows:

1. Sayonara Elegy
2. Sayonara Elegy (Acoustic ver.)
3. Sayonara Elegy (Instrumental)

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3 thoughts on “Sayonara Elegy MV

  1. Thank you so much for posting this, love the song and happy to be able to see the full MV <3

    Would it be too much to ask for lyrics translation? ^^

  2. I really find it hard to translate this song, I dont know exactly what is the right interpretation to be use in this, because there’s so many possible interpretation/words that can be used to translate this. Just look at those different translations made by fans and pros, it’s really difficult.

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