Shison Jun joins cast of Todome no Kiss!

It’s been revealed today that Shison Jun will play the role of Osanai Kazuma, Outarou’s kouhai in the host club “Narcissus”. They worked in the same club previously, and Kazuma has looked up to Outarou since then. He will be aware of Outarou’s constant deaths and time slips, and will assist him in his search of the mysterious woman’s identity.

Next week, on 21 Dec, the final of the main cast will be revealed – a mysterious street musician. No silhouette or kiss mark/sound to aid our guessing. The only clues we have are: his name has 4 characters, and he’s around Kento’s age. So, that rules out Sakurada ne. If I can have my way, it’d be Suda Masaki lol.

3 thoughts on “Shison Jun joins cast of Todome no Kiss!

  1. Thanks for sharing. This is kenken’s first time to work with Jun Shison right? Can’t wait for next week to complete the cast.

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